Cream- BBC 1966



Set List:

  1. Cat Squirrel
  2. Traintime
  3. Lawdy Mama
  4. Im So Glad
  5. NSU?
  6. Steppin Out
  7. Big Mama Blues
  8. Sleepy Time
  9. Crossroads





La Monte Young, Marian Zazeela & Friends- “NYC 1963”



Good thing I checked this tape twice. A modest “Faust Live 1990” tape yields one of my favorite uploads to date just tacked on at the end. The J-Card doesn’t offer very much info except for a list of personnel and a vague physical and temporal location. Though the tape says “NYC 1963”, this tape is actually a compilation of La Monte Young pieces from a German radio broadcast. This broadcast has been dubbed to a tape that has been circulating for 30+ years, that tape has been pressed as an unofficial vinyl release that goes for a few hundred dollars- but the sounds contained herein are too important to be hidden away by time or money.


La Monte Young

Set List

  1. 12 1 64 Sunday Morning Blues
    1. Angus Maclise
    2. Tony Conrad
    3. La Monte Young
    4. John Cale
    5. Marian Zazeela
  2. B♭ Dorian Blues Saturday 19th November 1963  5th Day Of The Hammer
    1. Angus Maclise
    2. Tony Conrad
    3. La Monte Young
    4. John Cale
    5. Marian Zazeela
  3. 19 X 71 6:52 To 7:42 NYC From Map Of 49’s Dream The Two Systems Of Eleven Sets Of Galactic Intervals Ornamental Lightyears Tracery
    1. Lee Konitz
    2. Jon Hassell
    3. David Rosenboom
    4. Marian Zazeela
    5. La Monte Young

Echo & the Bunnymen- Nakano Sun Hall, Tokyo- 1/17/84



If you were to ask me for a recording of a band, taken at the perfect time in their career, I might hand you this very tape. This takes place about a year after their third, critically acclaimed, studio album Porcupine– just months before the release of Ocean Rain.The quality of the recording is super clear and all the instruments inhabit their own sonic notches. Serious props to the sound-guy and bootlegger.

Set List:

  • Over the Wall
  • Back of Love
  • Stars Are Stars
  • Killing Moon
  • All that Jazz
  • The Cutter
  • Never Stop
  • Thorn of Crowns
  • Crocodiles
  • Zimbo
  • Do it Clean


Echo and the Bunnymen


Tangerine Dream- Palace Des Arts, Montreal- 4/10/77



When Tangerine Dream shows up, you know they’re about to do the damn thing. In 1977 their live shows were full sensory explorations with; light shows, lasers and projections set to the music of some of the more epic synth squads out at that time. The set opens with a wash of modular synth noise leading into Cherokee Lane. From there the performance chugs along in the Tangerine Dream style- not letting up till the last note is triggered on the last step of a sequencer.



Tangerine Dream


Rick’s Bedroom Tapes- 1981/1982




The more vague and unassuming a tape looks, the higher the probability of me grabbing it. Imagine how fast I snatched a tape that only had the words “Rick’s Bedroom Tapes 81/82” scrawled across the spine. Judging from the synth sounds and overall style, I’ll venture to guess this tape is the home demos of Rick Wakeman. The content is varied and interesting- You’ll hear funkified faux world music, HI- NRG electro, proggy sultry slow jams and even some pitched down vomiting.

If there are any Rick Wakeman fans out there that can lend any info regarding the sounds contained herein, that would be greatly appreciated.


Rick’s Bedroom


Amon Düül II- Florence- 10/4/72



“The Duul” really gives the crowd their moneys worth. In this set they play; almost the full Side A of Yeti , all the best tracks off Wolf City and the whole damn Side A of Tanz der Lemminge. As if that wasn’t enough, they come back for an encore and do a beautiful performance of All the Years Round.


Set list:

  • Soap Shop Rock
  • Surrounded by Stars
  • Syntelman’s March of the Roaring 70’s
    • In the Glass Garden
    • Pull Down Your Mask
    • Prayer to the Silence
    • Telephonecomplex
  • Eye Shaking King
  • Green Bubble Raincoated Man
  • All the Years Round



Amon Duul